Fun Christmas Gifts -10 Year Old Boys

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Fun Christmas gifts for 10 year old boys. Every 10 year old boy wants to have control of dangerous flying and driving objects! It’s human nature! If you are searching for a fun Christmas gift for a boy who is 10 years old, get him a radio controlled helicopter, or a radio controlled rock crawler. They love these kinds of fun toys for Christmas.

Don’t forget to get him batteries too though! Nothing is worse than getting a fun toy and not getting new batteries. Check out the flying helicopters, monstrous 4 x 4 rock crawlers, power speed boats and Navy battle destroyers, plus the latest and hottest must have toy for boys –  the radio controlled quad-copters. One even has a camera on it!

Fun Christmas Gifts – Radio Control Helicopters

Your 10 year old will be a master ace in the skies with one of these radio controlled helicopters. A R/C Helicopter tops the list of must have toys for 10 year old boys this year!

Fun Christmas Gifts -10 Year Old BoysSyma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter – Blue

Fun Christmas Gifts -10 Year Old BoysFun Christmas Gifts -10 Year Old BoysFun Christmas Gifts -10 Year Old Boys

Radio Control Vehicles

4×4 rock crawlers are a great gift idea for a boy around the age of 10 years old. He can dig up the turn and turn over the rocks in the backyard with one of these fun 4 x 4 radio controlled rock crawlers. Click on the images for further details about these fun toys.

Radio Controlled Boats

If he lives near water, like a lake or even the ocean or a swimming pool perhaps, consider getting him a radio controlled race boat. I’m sure he would also love playing with a Navy battleship. There are some popular r/c powered boats for sale below.

Radio Controlled Quad-copters

One of the newest toys to hit the market are these radio controlled quad-copters. They have amazing flying control and some of them are even controlled via an iPad or other android devices. Click on the images for further details.

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